Remembering Sam

This story of remarkable achievements is told by people closely associated with Sam in different stages and in different ways in his life – as colleagues, friends and family. Contributors include politicians Alistair Darling and Brian Wilson, Muriel Gray, Sir Harry Burns, Harpreet Kholi, and many others.

Presented by Sir Graham Teasdale.


Remembering Sam

Long before he was a front-line politician, Sam Galbraith was a man who inspired respect and sometimes awe among those whose lives he touched.

 A brilliant Glasgow neurosurgeon whose cutting-edge skills saved numerous lives; an unswerving champion of the National Health Service and the principles which underpin it;  a fearless mountaineer who diced with danger.

When at the peak of his powers, Sam was struck by illness and came within days of death before receiving a lung transplant. Many years later, he was believed to be the world’s longest surviving lung transplant patient.

In 1987, he had become a Labour politician, believing that by utilising his knowledge and beliefs in this way, they could have the greatest lasting impact. He was an MP and then MSP, holding Ministerial office at both Westminster and Holyrood. In everything Sam did, he made a difference.

 Sam died in 2014 at the age of 68 but his many legacies live on. This book recalls his life and work – as a doctor, mountaineer, politician and family man. It follows his journey from Greenock to Westminster and Holyrood with diversions along the way to outposts such as Texas and the Himalayas.

 It will serve not only as a collective tribute to an outstanding individual but also as an inspiration to those who aspire to following the paths he trod.

Saturday 24 September 6.00pm

Scottish Maritime Museum, Linthouse Building

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All proceeds of ticket and book sales go to Transplant Sport

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