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  • square Alistair Moffat
    Alistair Moffat
  • Catherine Czerkawska
  • square Christopher Brookmyre image
    Christopher Brookmyre
  • square David Ross
    David Ross
  • Square Denise Mina
    Denise Mina
  • square Douglas Skelton
    Douglas Skelton
  • Square Mark Beaumont image
    Mark Beaumont
  • square Michael Malone
    Michael Malone
  • square mrs mash
    Mrs Mash
  • square Paul Kavanagh
    Paul Kavanagh
  • square Theresa Talbot
    Theresa Talbot
  • John Beattie


Alistair Moffat: Friday 23 September, HAC, 6.00pm

Paul Kavanagh: Friday 23 September, Puffers Café, 7.00pm

Mark Beaumont: Friday 23 September, Magnum, 7.30pm

Mrs Mash: Saturday 24 September, HAC, 11.00am (Family Event)

David Ross with Theresa Talbot: Saturday 24 September, HAC, 2.00pm

Michael Malone / Douglas Skelton: Saturday 24 September, HAC, 4.30pm

Remembering Sam: Saturday 24 September, Scottish Maritime Museum, 6.00pm

Chris Brookmyre: Saturday 24 September, HAC, 7.30pm

Catherine Czekawska: Sunday 25 September, HAC, 1.30pm

John Beattie: Sunday 25 September, HAC, 3.00pm

Denise Mina: Sunday 25 September, HAC, 7.00pm

Horsehead Theatre: Sunday 25 September, HAC, 7.30pm

    * * * * * * * * * *

Associated Event, Sunday 25 September, Scottish Maritime Museum: Arrivals and Sailings: The Making of George Wyllie.

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Watch Theresa Talbot and John Beattie: